Who are you?

I am Rhyannan - an artist based in Bristol, UK. Named ‘Oxidate Design’ after my beloved indigo, which oxidises upon contact with air and changes from greens to blues.

I make works of fine art using shibori techniques and take photographs of the processes - take a look at my gallery to see my art work.

Alongside this I teach fun, accessible and engaging workshops. I strive to reconnect people with their creative side and get rid of the inhibitions surrounding self-expression.

What is Shibori?

I have a contemporary take on Shibori, which is the Japanese fine art of shaped-resist dyeing. Sometimes its called ‘memory on cloth’. It is a very refined practise and inherently Buddhist. I love the surprises that come with this art form and finding beauty in the unexpected.

In my younger days, I yearned to be a painter - so I create work inspired by the likes of Mark Rothko and other Abstract Expressionists.

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Started in response to Extinction Rebellion’s rallying cry to boycott fast fashion for one year.

Learn a traditional Japanese mending technique and breathe new life into old clothes. This deceptively simple technique is designed to look better with age. You will love your clothes so much more after you have given them the time and attention they deserve.

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We offer specialist workshops in textile dyeing.

We have been teaching dyeing workshops since 2015 and can offer workshops in;-

  • Japanese Shibori Dyeing

  • Natural Dyeing

  • Dyeing with Indigo

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